Mahesh Kumar

A guide to deploying Machine/Deep Learning model(s) in Production

Source: XKCD There are a plethora of articles on Deep Learning (DL) or Machine Learning (ML) that cover topics like data gathering, data munging, network/algorithm selection, training, validation, and evaluation. But, one of the challenging problems in today’s data science is the deployment of the trained model in production for any consumer-ce... Read more

Introduction to Image Processing using Scikit-Image

Image Processing is the process of applying mathematical functions or operations to an image, in order to transform it according to the problem requirements. It is closely related to Computer Graphics and Computer Vision. According to Wikipedia, In computer graphics, images are manually made from physical models of objects, environments, and ... Read more

Multiclass Classification

According to Wikipedia: In machine learning, multiclass or multinomial classification is the problem of classifying instances into one of the more than two classes (classifying instances into one of the two classes is called binary classification). For instance, you are given an Apple product and you are told to classify it into one of the fo... Read more

Anatomy of Natural Language Processing

Source: As Wikipedia says ‘Natural language processing (NLP) is a field of computer science, artificial intelligence, and computational linguistics concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages and, in particular, concerned with programming computers to fruitfully process la... Read more

Implementing a Binary Classifier in Python

Credits to Jean-Nicholas Hould on his post that gives an intuitive approach to learn a basic Machine Learning algorithm and Sebastian Raschka book on Machine Learning in Python. Machine Learning (ML) is playing a key role in a wide range of critical applications, such as Computer Vision, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognit... Read more